"Why do we move our stuff all the way over to..... just to bring it back again?"

The day to day running of an existing transport network may require sub-optimisation, and the operational staff may not have the resources to review the whole network. Logistics Simulation Ltd. are experts in transport modeling and network optimisation, and will strategically analyse your network regardless of size or complexity.

By taking existing despatch data and constructing the entire network inside a model, transport costs can be calculated, either based on industry standards and distances travelled, or based on the clients own costs and distances. The model interacts with routing and scheduling software as part of the analysis. By equating costs to distance travelled, it is possible to change the network structure and calculate a set of new transport rates for new routes formed. The database model consolidates drop points together onto a single load within a set of pre-defined regions, and for multiple warehouses customers can be assigned to a warehouse based on the optimum fit, for lowest total costs.

Shown to the right is one of the outputs of the model, The analysis for a group of distributors seeking to cost out the possibility of joining networks. The model provides excellent detail for answering the various questions for different scenarios.

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Image shown above was generated during a project undetaken for a group of distributors seeking to join networks. The costs and benefits of various scenarios were computed using modeling software constructed by Logistics Simulation Ltd.