April 2009 Newsletter







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Savings Without The Investment
Finding cost savings with low or no captial spending

Using historic order data to analysis the product profile we were able to show no-cost and low-cost solutions for changing the pick walk sequence, the product layout, and the fast moving area. No cost solutions encapsulated savings from the existing warehouse and staff, and these savings were later realised on site as this was the chosen method. The low-cost solutions included recommendations for pallet flow racking, installation of a VNA slow moving area, and a possible installation of a second VNA area to generate new business. ...(click for more)


A World First
Low oxygen, BS5454:2000 compliant
AS/RS archive store

The ASP is designed to store 262 linear kilometres of books and newspapers in compliance with BS5454:2000 environmental conditions.  The automated goods-to-man solution comprises of a seven 20m cranes which retrieve bespoke containers from high density racking.  To act as a fire suppressant the storage area will be kept in a low oxygen environment (OxyReduct®).  Approximately seven million items will be stored in the facility...(click for more)

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