Warehouses that are choked with SKUs or filled to throughput capacity are often experiencing changes such as acquisition, business growth, increasingly frequent orders, more variable demand, drive to save costs, or a move to a new facility. Logistics Simulation Ltd. analyses the impact of the change allowing a window into the future and better resource management.


Optimise current facilities

Optimising current facilities involves auditing the current site to review the layout and operating practices. We will analyse detailed despatches and receipts data for productivity benchmarking, labour hours and service level. For existing proposals we can cost out alternative layouts, equipment and systems changes.

Extension to warehouse

Accurately specifying the clients requirements for an extension is essential. We consider different options for positioning the extension on site, and provide detailed cad drawings for internal layouts, as well as identify suppliers for the required equipment, obtain quotations, and prepare budget costs for the building and the operation.

Site review

A site review includes an audit of existing facilities to identify buildings, roadways, storage areas, loading facilities, parking and access. We will review internal and external goods movements, fork trucks, HGV, private cars and pedestrian movements. From this we develop CAD layouts showing movements to and from storage as well as entry and exit points. All routes are displayed with graphic indication of use intensity showing congestion, hazard points and interactions between traffic types. These layouts let us determine the best use of buildings and space providing safer and more economical routing.

New facility

Analysing a new facility involves detailed analysis of despatches and receipts data taking into account growth and business changes to form a detailed requirements specification. Maximising the return on investment by considering the options for equipment technology and finding the most appropriate solution, whether low tech or high tech, as well as optimising the site location if necessary. We will fully scope the facility and the cost for board approval, as well as prepare functional specifications for suppliers' quotations and supplier selection.

Automated warehouse

Automated warehouses offer great storage and operational efficiencies, however they can also offer risk and inflexibility. Using our experience in warehouse automation we will determine what degree of automation is appropriate for your operation. We assist in the selection of appropriate contractors, and provide detailed functional specifications. We preparing interface specifications between the host and automation control system. All aspects of the design are tested using simulation.








Concept study

For a concept study we will accurately analyse the requirements and prepare appropriate layouts with ballpark costing. This is often used to assist with board approval.

Selection of supplier

For supplier selection we will prepare a "requirements document", after which we identify and shortlist the suppliers. We will also perform a tender evaluation and selection.

Detailed Design Study

For a detailed design study we will specify the required WMS functionality, the required interface, communicate with building architects, and provide a functional specification

Project Management

For project management we will maintain design intent throughout the project.

Ramp Up

For ramping up we will testing conformance with specifications and provide support during go live.



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